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Seen on the Web: Curtains make a Room!

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Any decorator around the world will tell you, when it comes to window treatments, everything matters; color, fabric, length, lining. The best way to get it right is to go custom-made. It is more expensive but so worth it. You know what they say, “curtains make a room” it is your choice to make it look stunning…or not!

Color: You can go bold or just stay neutral, depending on how often you like to change things around the room…

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Fabric and lining: Linen, heavy cotton, wool, silk and velvet are my favorites but you can choose almost any fabric as long as you use the correct lining (or none) to add body and texture to the panels.

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Length: No rule on that, depends on everyone’s taste but let’s say that hanging curtains higher than the window will add a sense of height to the room, hence a more dramatic look! Also (and this makes a huge difference) don’t forget to have your curtains “dusting” the ground. Panels too short and not touching the ground is a NO, NO, NO and you don’t want that, right?

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For those who think that curtains make the rooms seem darker, just keep in mind that when measuring your window you should add from 10 to 20 cm (even more for big windows) on each side so they don’t block the window glass while the panels stay open!

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Are you going to take out your tape mesure and start a new curtain project?

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