Thursday, August 18, 2011

Between lavender and oranges

wreath made of oranges, via The Paris Apartment

Don’t ask me why but lately I’ve dreaming about orange and lavender. I guess that my mind is preparing for fall and the beautiful adventure of the new (and my favorite) season. So here I am looking around the web, getting some inspiration for my new projects and sharing my thoughts with you.

Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, and lavander ... I would have use orange insted of pistachio

See you soon

Things I love about my home

We all live next to things that make us happy. That is the reason why we make our choices when buying furniture, a house or a beautiful dress. Lately I start to make my own list of things I really love when designing a space and to do that, I’ve been thinking about what makes me happy in my “new” 18th century beautiful house. Of course I love the history of the house, the old hardwood floors, the beautiful French mantel and the old double doors but the little details that really make me smile are the ones that I’m letting you see today. Sorry about the pictures, they don’t come from a magazine and I’m really not a photographer!!! Ok I’m nervous about showing this personal pictures but I hope you understand what it is that I like.
So here I go

Of course the first thing that makes someone happy (and I’m not different from others) is what makes a house become your home. In my case: my husband, my son and even my 4 paws friend Willy.

The black and white floor in the entry. So classic but crisp at the same time.

Flowers inside and out. Fresh flowers make me feel great.

Ivy. I love greenery and I think that ivy is the perfect fit for the outside and the inside.

A table dressed for dinner. There is something I particularly like to do when having a dinner party at home (even if I normally forget to take pictures of it) and that is to set the table. I like to set a different “theme table” every time. It is fun to re-invent your table (and dinner) every time.

Symmetry. If there is something I need around me is the peaceful sight of symmetry. It doesn’t have to be a perfect symmetry but there has to be balance in it.

Pink. Yeah, that’s kind of girlish, I know but had you ever try to use pink in a room? Very often, I change the accent colors in my home (especially in the living and dinning rooms) and every time I just have to come back to pink again.

And…that’s it (for the moment). I would like to go up to #10, at least. But up to now that is where I came up to. I hope you liked the post.

See you