Monday, January 9, 2012

Party of the Month or...Party of the Year!!!

Like I promised on my last post. Here are some pictures of my son’s 3rd Birthday party. Everything happened so fast, I couldn’t take all the pictures I wanted (before and after). It’s not easy to keep up with 8 toddlers from 3 to 5 and a half…
Sorry for the quality of the pictures but, as you already know by now, I’m really not a pro on that…But I had so much fun baking and cooking all the food, crafting the décor and the crowns, sewing the capes, making the tutus…and seeing Charles’ face (and his friends, too) when discovering the set and saying “c’est magnifique! Gracias mama, te quiero, te quiero, a besos!!!” (A mix of French and Spanish for “It’s awesome! Thank you mom, I love you, I love you with kisses”)
I hope you enjoy the “spirit” of the pictures as much as the kids enjoyed the party, the gifts and the favors!!!

The Birthday boy the night before

The home made cake (I have to work harder on the marshmallow fondant)

Kissing and saying thank you to his friends

The happy party (almost all of them)

Before blowing the canddles

The playing and fun

See you,

Carmen Dee

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