Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Living in different countries my eyes got adjust to things I was not used to see. The summer morning light in the North of Spain is not the same as the one in Kentucky, Italy or France. But all of them come through your windows so your interior can look different from morning to afternoon and to evening. The place you live will always change your interior even if you use the same furniture and the same colors. But if you use the right color in the right place you can be sure to have the perfect background for your new canvas.
When redecorating your home, especially if you do that often, you learn how to use the same furniture and fabrics in different places creating different spaces. A piece of furniture that can serve just in one way is never the best choice when buying furniture.
A table used in my breakfast area in my house #3 (in the countryside) made it to the dining room in house #4 (in the city) then to the outdoors space in house #5 (in another city) and to the entryway in my actual place (in the country again) Of course the result is really not the same. That is the good thing about changing places.
The inside of each house/apartment/loft space/living area is different. You should always get advantage of everything that surrounds you. Don't be afraid of having your former dining table in your new entryway or your old Persian rug on your new bathroom floor.

These gorgeous silk curtains you had in your living room can fit perfectly on your new hallway.

All those changes can make a house look stunning and modern instead of a bunch of old stuff from the former apartment that can't even fit the new space.
Give it a try, if you don't like the result you can always put it back in the old place...but something tells me you won't need to.


  1. Ohhh, I love the curtains in the hallway!!! Nice touch.

  2. Thank you for your comment, it is my first!!!

    Carmen Dee