Friday, June 17, 2011

Kids have good taste too

When decorating a bedroom for a child, some people get the idea that the “theme park” decor is the perfect pick. The way I see things, it is not. A child’s bedroom is a place where he/she can relax, sleep, play, study, read, etc. It’s an “all-in-one place”.

If you keep it simple, you may go from a nursery to a teenager bedroom with so little change. Their way of living is going to change a lot as they grow up. But adding little touches with their own taste as they grow will update the space as they do.

So if you don’t want to go from one theme park to another as your child grows up. Think and rethink the space for up to let’s say 8 years. If your child can still fit in there, you’re doing a good job.

You may start with a soft, pale color that could work with everything and stick with that for all the bases. The whites could be my pick. It doesn’t have to be all snowy-white. You can mix all kind of whites in one room to keep it “alive” so it doesn’t get boring…

Here you have at least five different whites

...and two shades of blue as an accent color!

You can add touches of color in subtle ways or in pieces that can change from one year to the next as the child grows up.

This bed will stay less than two years in the room.
It is the perfect choice to add color, don't you think?
The other side of the room could look like that 5 years later…

Change the accent color and you will change the room!!!
Have fun planning and once you’re done, take some pictures! I will love to see them!!!

I'll be away for a while...but I will come back with lots of pictures to show you!!!
See you next month

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